Crawford’s Corner in partnership with Kurio Tablet and IconLogin

Crawford’s Corner LLC, which owns the intellectual property for Crawford the Cat, the lively animated series from Perennial Pictures Film Corporation, announced today two new licensing partnerships, with KD Interactive’s Kurio tablet and the IconLogin Lock Screen.

Kurio is a best-selling line of kid-safe tablets and smart devices. A new Kurio tablet release in 2019 will come preloaded with Crawford the Cat content, including an app with the animated series and a screen-unlocking feature that uses Crawford the Cat icons as the passcode. Current Kurio tablet users will receive notifications as soon as new Crawford the Cat content becomes available.

“We are thrilled to bring Crawford the Cat to a bigger audience through the Kurio tablet which provides kids’ entertainment and education in such a smart way,” says Alita Friedman, CEO, Alita’s Brand Bar. “The IconLogin security feature allows kids to be the master of their device and establishes an independence which is so important to young children,” she adds. “Parents know and value these partner brands.”

Crawford the Cat is the animated series on healthy habits for young children, ages 2-7 used by thousands of educators in classrooms across the nation to teach kids about good citizenship and healthy habits. Addressing young kids using colloquial and contemporary language, the crafty feline exemplifies behaviors kids instantly want to watch and model over and over again.

IconLogin Ltd, which operates from the United Kingdom, is a branded Lock Screen App publisher. The Kurio Tablet will feature a Lock Screen App containing a branded Crawford the Cat Keypad; the App and the Keypad are free to use.

‘We are delighted to be partnering with KD Interactive and Crawford’s Corner. We love begin part of journey of bringing engaging content to kids within a safe space,’ said IconLogin.

About Crawford’s Corner LLC

Crawford’s Corner LLC owns the intellectual property for Crawford the Cat, the lively animated series created and initiated in 2003 by Perennial Pictures Film Corporation, based in Indianapolis, ID. Embraced by early childhood educators in classrooms as well as kids nationwide, Crawford the Cat teaches young children, ages 2-7, about social etiquette, personal responsibility and healthy habits, such as oral hygiene, hand washing, nutrition and playing well with others.

The complete Crawford the Cat library, available on Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube, currently includes 13 five-minute episodes, online games an an iPad app. For educators, there are companion lesson plans, printables and ebooks available. For more information visit