Crawford’s Corner DVD

Crawford the Cat

The first 13 videos on one DVD!
Perfect for Schools, Libraries, Student and Home Educators!

Each five minute video is a great way to introduce, punctuate or summarize a new unit or concept!


After gardening, Crawford the Cat sits down to lunch only to discover he has forgotten to wash his very dirty hands. Length: 5 minutes

Crawford Brushes His Teeth

After eating breakfast, Crawford the Cat brushes his teeth. He knows how and why brushing is important for healthy teeth and a nice smile. He also shows how he uses a Two Minute Egg Timer. When the sand runs out, he’s done brushing. Length: 5 minutes

Crawford Puts His Toys Away

Crawford the Cat spends a rainy morning coloring pictures, building puzzles and playing with all of his toys. When he’s finished, he cleans up the room, putting each toy and game back where it belongs. That way, everything will be ready for him the next time he wants to play. Length: 5 minutes

Crawford Does His Exercises

Crawford the Cat loves to do Jumping Jacks and Toe Touchers, and he especially likes to do them to his favorite sing-along exercise song. It’s healthy for his body and a whole lot of fun! Length: 5 minutes

Crawford Is A Sneezer Pleaser

Crawford the Cat has a cold, but he’s a very good patient. He remembers to cover his mouth when he sneezes and to throw the tissues away. He also remembers to wash his hands often. He wants to make sure he gets well soon and doesn’t give his cold to anyone. Length: 5 minutes

Crawford Let's Everyone Play

Crawford the Cat, and his friends Harriet the Hare and Milow the Mouse try to play Tether Ball, but Milow is too short to reach the ball. Milow says he can just watch, but Crawford has a better idea. They will choose a game in which all of them can participate. Soon the group is playing tag, and everyone is having fun! Length: 5 minutes

Colorful! Stimulating! Unique! A marvelous, high-quality teaching aid for Pre-K and older!

Featuring warm, friendly characters, “Crawford’s Corner” promotes positive values while imparting simple lessons on personal, practical and social skills.

Crawford the Cat